Blandford Puppy Visits

Half Hour Puppy Visits in Blandford with Muddy Puddles Dorset.


You’ve chosen a puppy, taken it home, spent some time with him or her, and your annual leave has run out so you have to to back to work.  Now what?

Muddy Puddles Dorset can help!  We can visit your puppy for half an hour, twice a day, to make sure they have enough food and water, clear up any mess they may have made and give them lots of love and cuddles in your absence.

As the weeks go on and your puppy grows more confident with more energy, we can build up the outdoor time to include a short walk from your house, to help with puppy’s confidence in meeting new and exciting sights and smells.  We may even teach them a cool trick or two!

Graduation from puppy visits to group dog walks in Blandford is usually around 6 months, 8-12 months for bigger breeds, where we really can put into practice their basic training they have been doing with you and us while we’ve been visiting.

Contact us to find out how you can book your puppy in for visits from Aunty Muddy.


Muddy Puddles Dorset half hour puppy visits in Blandford are twice a day, mid morning and mid afternoon, and cost £16 per day.


Love your pets, love Muddy Puddles Dorset!

Muddy Puddles Dorset’s dog walking, dog, cat, puppy and pet sitting, dog pet taxi, horse care and Muddy LOGO2house sitting  is fully insured, CRB checked, canine first aid trained, operates 7 days a week and covers Blandford Forum and Blandford St Mary in Dorset, as well as Durweston and Pimperne in Dorset.  Muddy Puddles Dorset transports all dogs in the comfort of air conditioned vehicles, and in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and Highway Code 57.